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All Points Claim Advisors, APCA, is an experienced Public Adjusting Firm who advocates for the policyholder with an extensive background in claims management, processing, negotiating, damage investigations, appraisal, and positive settlement outcomes. Our firm has experience dealing with all types of insurance claims and insurance carriers in Florida as well as working together with law firms who specialize in insurance claim litigation.  

The claim process and how it affects you.

Claims Adjusting – What is claim adjusting, and why does a claim need to be “adjusted” in the first place? Your insurance company will pay you what you need right? Sometimes yes, most of the time no. Filing a claim was once a pretty easy task. But with the amount of natural disasters that have occurred in recent years equating to billions of dollars in damages, as well as the millions it costs the insurance companies in fraudulent claim activity caused by insured's, the insurers have made the claim process much more tedious and difficult for policyholders, not to mention, downright confusing. The truth is, the insurance companies are in business to make money, not spend it.    

The professional investigation of any first and third party insurance claim is to determine the extent of the insuring company's liability, or at least that is what you would expect. Unfortunately, many times homeowners feel as though they are guilty until proven innocent by the insurance companies for their damages. How do you know if you are truly being indemnified? You don’t, unless you thoroughly understand your policy. Claim adjusting is the process of damage investigation, scope of damage, costs of repair/replacement, comparison analysis, and settlement negotiations. Without being versed in your policy and knowing how your policy works, you could be jeopardizing your claim in more ways than one. Claims adjusters are experienced in handling property claims involving damage to structures, and/or liability claims involving personal injuries or third-person property damage and they know your policy better than you do.  To understand your policy in general as well as keeping up with your policy exclusions provisions plus the changes made within the policy, can be a monumental task.Changes in the insurance industry are constant. In today’s world, your claim handling is best left to a professional Public Adjuster who will look out for your best interest and is well versed in insurance policies, procedures, and negotiations. 

Claims Management – It goes without saying, management is a key element in any business, so why should it be any different with your claim? We manage the claim process every step of the way with ongoing communications between all parties involved. We manage your expectations with straight forward answers gained from straight forward facts. We ensure your claim is being properly “quarterbacked” from its inception and filing, to the inspections with the insurance company’s field adjusters, to its final Settlement with the desk adjuster.  

Claims Processing – With over 25 years of combined file processing experience, we know how important it is to follow up, follow through, and provide information, as well as receive information in a timely manner. We make sure your file keeps moving forward, that’s the point.

Our Staff


Mr. Streeter began his insurance claim career as a claims administrator and marketing manager for a Personal Injury law firm in West Palm Beach. He eventually became the firm’s case manager overseeing 225 personal injury cases,managing the firm’s staff, and handling the marketing responsibilities of the law firm.

 As settling and negotiating of insurance claims became a more prominent responsibility Mr. Streeter went on to receive his Florida Public Adjuster’s License. After completing his apprenticeship with a local Public Adjusting Firm, Mr. Streeter quickly became one of the firm’s top Public Adjusters.  

Following his tenure as a Public Adjuster, Mr. Streeter was asked to join the team of attorneys at Trujillo,Vargas, Ortiz, and Gonzalez Law Firm in Miami as their Claims Administrator. As the Claims Administrator, he oversaw the first party pre-litigation departments for the firm’s locations in Miami and Orlando. He was also responsible for starting up the firm’s Personal Injury pre-litigation department. Mr.Streeter’s experience in handling both first and third party claims has resulted in the successful settlement of approximately one thousand claims during his career. His vast business experience in negotiating and management for large and small companies spans the course of 22 years.  

The combination of Mr. Streeter’s strong leadership and professional experience helps assist in effectuating a positive outcome for his clients. As a loving husband, father, and native Floridian Mark enjoys time with his family, the outdoors, working out, cooking, and making music.  

Maria Streeter

Maria has gained her experience from working in the financial, mortgage and real estate industries throughout her career. Through her experience she has gained valuable insight as to how the insurance companies and mortgage companies work, resulting in a smoother claims process.